About Us


I have combined my passion for collecting vintage buttons (1860’s-1940’s) from around the world with designing jewelry. My journey started as a teenager attending antique shows with my mother. Antique buttons caught my attention with their varied designs. I used money earned from babysitting to purchase my treasures. I found buttons in old tins and glass jars. Upon returning home, we would wash, clean and sort them by style. Imagine my surprise to find sparkling, interesting, and colorful buttons, in various sizes, compositions, and shapes. I was hooked, I was a button collector.

It was with encouragement from my mother that I made brooches featuring vintage buttons and jewelry pieces. I originally made these as gifts for family and friends. It was with their encouragement that I began to sell them at craft shows over twenty years ago. Since then my jewelry has evolved into what it is today, being featured at many prestigious art shows.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to purchase several button collections from private button collectors. One of my most treasured collections came from the son of a past president of the Michigan Button Society. Serendipity and good fortune put our paths together.

Another collection came from a woman in Indiana who collected vintage buttons for over 80 years. She started collecting as a teenager herself, and as such, I felt a strong connection to her collection. Her collection was auctioned off and I was able to acquire buttons from around the world. The vast majority of them were on the original store cards from Europe dating from the 1860’s. I was now able to make curated jewelry collections, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Twenty years of art shows have given me the opportunity to design from the heart. I hand bead each design, and incorporate vintage beads, pearls and vintage jewelry components together to create timeless designs. Each year I introduce a new line of jewelry that highlights a specific style of button. Previous years have been authentic perfume, cut steel buttons and Victorian picture buttons.

My passion continues to this day to find forgotten treasured buttons and jewelry findings. What started out as a hobby has evolved into my life’s journey. Having connections with you and treasuring lifelong friendships made throughout the years has been priceless.